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How-To Choose Produce: F Through R

When it comes to the freshest and most flavorful produce, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. Here are some tips and tricks for picking the best of the season by using your senses.


When choosing fennel feel and look. Bulbs should be firm, unblemished, and white. Leaves should look fresh, and stems should be firm.


When choosing garlic feel and look. Heads should be plump and firm. Look for heads that are free of sprouts and soft spots.


When choosing green beans feel and look. Rather than green beans that bend, choose green beans that snap. Pass on green beans that have dried pods.


When choosing leeks feel and look. Leeks should have tightly-rolled tops and should be firm. If young leeks, they will be more tender.


When choosing lettuce look for fresh, crisp leaves.


When choosing onions feel and look. Onions should feel heavy for their size, and the bulbs should be dry and firm. Pass on onions with soft spots or green sprouts.


When choosing peas feel and look. Peas should be crisp and green. Pass on pods that are dried, white, or yellow.


When choosing peppers feel and look. Peppers should feel heavy for their size and should be firm and shiny.


When choosing potatoes feel and look. Potatoes should feel firm and smooth and should not have any sprouts or bruises.


When choosing radishes feel and look. Radishes should feel firm and the tops should be green and fresh.


Once you get the hang of how to use your senses with choosing produce, you’ll be serving up the cream of the crop!